Today Teer Hit Number Fc 99.9% Sure

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Today Teer Target

House : 1/6
Ending : 6/1

Hit : 26/62/67/76
Hit : 21/12/17/71










A popular archery game of shillong teer this game is given some results and this game is very good without trusted and calculation and very old teer counter To win from if you want to win from then you must know the calculation and you must know the formula if you don’t need the formula you can’t win from this game you will lose so you first make the formula then you play this game  from You can win.

Shillong teer

I am in shillong Teer for long time I am a shillong teer professional target number target often results my house ending will be 5 days in a week but hit number will be aware of three days in a week so follow my teer house ending more then you can get result very easily you hit number  You can have a making. 

Shillong teer is a simple and easy game if you take it easy then you use one or two formulas then you can win from this shillong teer game and if you use more formulas then you will not win from this game your result will not be like  So you use one or two formulas.

You will get confused when you have many formulas then all your formulas will look plastic to you but it won’t be like that but by calculating shillong teer gives you find some teer formula from where you get 9% most of the time and you miss that formula you.

Suppose because you have time in that formula today result in less time in this formula you don’t take that formula because there is a chance of passing this formula.

If you want to play shillong teer hit numbers you have to give results three days in a week then you will get profit and if you lose most of the time then you will not get profit. Repeat the hit number formula then you can repeat one number repeat the formula then to meet very easily You can hit numbers.