Teer Hitt Number Today Only Shillong Teer

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Shillong Teer Counter

House : 2/7
Ending : 7/2

Hit : 24/42/47/74

Teer Counter Hit Number Today

Shillong teer is a very popular game in which you can earn money by playing game if you follow some rules of this game like of course you need to know if you don’t you can’t win from here calculation you need to know teer previous result.

Shillong teer is good game so they have some rules like they never give water without calculation what is known as teer counter and old is old and like they have formula.

Shillong Teer Formula

Shillong teer House Ending Formula Hit Number Formula Point Formula These are teer formula.

Teer club chart is posted on the official website of Shillong teer. Officially, with that club chart you can bar very nicely and then you can the hit number.

If you know the formula of Shillong Teer Hit Number  you can match the hit number in 3 to 4 days of sale and you will get 99.9% result in 5 days of house ending week.

Also on my website I regularly post hit number house ending if you want you can try them my Result is hit number three to four days a week and take house ending five days a week you will get the result by visiting my website next day.