Teer Hit Number Today Counter Fixed Result

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Shillong Teer Counter

House : 3/8
Ending : 8/3

Hit : 33/88/38/83
Hit : 03/30/35/53

Today Teer Target

Teer counter is very popular archery based game the shillong teer, shillong teer is very old teer counter archery based teer counter game, 500 arrow based game first round second round result.

Shillong teer easy popular and good fun game,This game doesn’t work without formula like there are some games which require calculation so to play this game you need good calculation formula otherwise you can’t win from this game you won’t win or there will be chances so you need to get a good formula  You can check the previous result or you can see Shillong arrow club then you will get a good result.

Teer Hit Number Today

Shillong teer you have use teer formula get daliy win for three to four days very easily.

If you want to make hit number first you have to do house-12 then you can do hit number making daliy house ending formula or hit number today weekly 3/4 days result sure.