Shillong Teer Weekly House Ending Chart

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Today I am going to give you Shillong Teer weekly house ending chart which is going to be very amazing, I hope that the result can be five days in a week.

Today in this article I will explain everything properly with you how you can make single number with weekly house ending chart of Shillong Teer and very easily you can be successful like me from Shillong Teer. 

Weekly House Ending Chart

Above I have given a chart of Shillong Teer weekly house ending chart it is only for those who love to make house ending common number and if you make it first round and second round 2 round common number making with this house ending chart then your result can definitely be.

17/06/2024House/Ending 4/9

If you can make common number with the house ending then it will be good news for you and surely you will be successful from this game. My confidence is built with my experience for so long. I hope the result will be there. You may know that nothing is 100% guaranteed and I cannot guarantee it 100%. 

You don’t have to worry so much about making common number I will explain to you how you can make common number very easily with this house ending and of course if you take time and read our article well then you will understand our systems and you can get results just like me.

Making Common Number With House Ending Chart

If you make common number according to my rules with the house ending chart according to the formula I have shared with you, then your result will definitely be successful. 

Before you do common number making you must have a good strong formula which you have to match with other sites then you can use this form as your work and you can do common number making. 

Shillong Teer Formula is your best system to increase but if you can check Shillong Teer Previous Result well then you can surely get a strong formula bar with which you will be successful in making direct common number. 

No need to worry, if you have another formula for this, then by matching that formula, you start making common numbers. I will bring you a new formula on Sunday, with that formula, you can make common numbers I will tell.

8 Guti Making Easy Result FR/SR

It is best if you can make only 8 numbers then you can easily match the common numbers and the result will be much more profit, if you make direct numbers above 8 numbers then you will have less profit.  If the result is missed then you can lose a lot so you play low number and need to be formula strong. 

I have shared with you Shillong Teer house ending which for one week you must match FR/SR 2 round making and then play you must need your talent here.

Maybe one day in a week may be missed but everything will be as per your calculation sometimes it is seen that the calculation is missed so don’t get upset you will also see for yourself whether the house ending I have is going to happen today or if there is a chance if you are an old player If you are, you will definitely understand,.

So your most important thing is to make a good formula by which you can do direct common number making and only 8 number you can get result.

Shillong Teer WhatsApp VIP Guti 

If you are not able to make common number or if you are not able to find strong formula due to which you are not able to make common number then you must contact me on WhatsApp number.

If you contact my WhatsApp number then I will definitely give you four numbers for first round only which will have high chance of result and I will share my targets with you from my many days of experience hope your result will be fixed four days a week my calculation accordingly I cannot give six days tune because the calculation is often missed. 

I hope the four numbers that I will give you will be result within a week minimum four days and remember that the numbers that I will give you do not share these numbers with anyone if on social media then my formula will not work anymore it is you be careful.

I have result on the last day of the game and will give all four numbers to you only first round if you contact us on WhatsApp and of course you have to pay us one thousand first. 


In today’s article I have shared with you Shillong Teer Weekly House Ending Chat of course it has results and given in my experience but many times calculations are missed so I can’t say anything guarantee.