Shillong Teer Today Winning Number

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House Line4-3-9-8
Direct Number4 GUTI Inbox

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Specially for today I will give Shillong TEER common number house hope hit number  99.9% sure and house line will be fixed today.

Last week I gave the result daily on my website Shillong Teer house line and my WhatsApp number was given I also gave the fix result to those who joined it on the common number. 

The way I calculate, I also calculate my calculations and formulas a little differently from other people, and I simply look at everything while doing the calculations, that’s why when I see the results, even if I’m not among ten people, it’s mine. 

But I have to work a little hard like I have to figure out if the formula that is house line will work today then I have to make them strong and then I have to make common number, still my time is less because I am behind it for a long time.  Applied and saw how many days a week my formula works so now I don’t need much time to confirm house line so I can do common number making in just 5 minutes.

Night Teer Common House Ending


I have been sharing the night teer common number house ending for some time now but sometimes the result is not there so I have calculated with another formula, I hope the result will be today. 

If you are a good player then if you want I would suggest you to make common numbers with the house endings I have, hope the result of the night will be yours. 

Today I have shared night teer hit number with you one number can be 99.9% sure but can’t say anything like guarantee result but maybe I have confidence and shared with you many days of experience.

But I will suggest you to calculate Shillong Teer which I have shared house plan with you and you can play them if you want but I am not too sure about the ones given by night teer but if you want you can make your own formula check previous result with night and you all analysis  after that you will get the night teer formula 

Weekly House Ending Chart Coming Soon

From next week I will bring you Shillong Teer Weekly House Ending Chart and you may go long ago I used to share your House Ending Chart from two round to one round fix result everyday.

But I gave it to you for a long time, after sharing it for a long time, it got lost, this formula no longer works, so I did not share it with you again, but again I will share it with you in a new way, and in a new way, I came up with the house ending chart with the calculation. 

In few days I will bring you House Ending Chart I will systemize everything and then share with you every Sunday Weekly House Engine Chart Please do not share with anyone on social media Facebook group or different places otherwise this formula will not work.

You may believe it or not but this formula doesn’t work anymore when one thing gets shared more often that’s also in sim system so if you want to keep your profit for long then you don’t share it with anyone.

House Ending Chart Result Chance 

You may have a question about the house ending chart that I am going to share and what are the daily results and the chance of the results. 

I will basically share for six days within six days I can guarantee you it may be five days but 100% you will not take anything but I have confidence the results will come and of course fast round second round you have to take two rounds together. 

You will keep the house endings that I will give you as a chat and calculate as per your mind and you will see a round result, and if you need common number, if you cannot make it, then you can contact me, I will make you a special common number.  I hope the result will be done.


Shillong Teer is a calculation base game and this game has impressed people but it will result in 100% calculation I can’t guarantee it.