Shillong Teer House Line (VIP Common Number)

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House1-6-0-5 S/R:
VIP03,08,53,58 √
Normal13,18,63,68 √

Today I will update the Shillong Teer House Line Common Number I hope I have calculated well and with my best I will take the target with you today. 

Yesterday also I shared with you Shillong Teer house line and targeted different people in my whatsapp but the result was missed but second round was big successful congrats to all who played.

Every day I don’t miss first round result but today but second round result but today first round result won’t miss you can play if you want so you can clear house line and if you can’t make common number then you can whatsapp me you can contact with the given number, I will give you a common number which will give you more results.

Night Teer Common Number Update!


Night Teer I have shared the target with you for the last two days and the result is successful. Congratulations to those who follow my night teer target and today also I will share the common number house ending of the night with you. 

I have basically given Shillong Teer target on my website as min target and will update these two counter targets on my website regularly if you are a good player then you can come to this website and take our targets maybe 1 to 2 days in a week.  Also you can do common number making from here.

In a few days I will come with you a very good formula for night. I do all the planes for you and my website is made only for you. Maybe two or three days a week results may be missed. 

Earlier I used to take three direct common numbers with you every day, now I will give direct six common numbers with you every day from which the result will be much more. 

Chance Of Result Shillong Teer

Chances of getting result today will be very high because since these few days I have been doing a lot of analysis and calculations and looking at the previous results well due to which my calculations formula is getting very strong.

However, many times it is seen that despite calculations or many strong formulas, the results are missed, we do not have any problem with it, those who give Shillong Teer results at the counter may have problems and everything will be based on calculations.

That’s why I always tell you Shillong Teer game 100% guarantee result I can’t say anything, first when this game was launched maybe one thing was guaranteed but now day by day it has strengthened many rules and their formulas It changes every week or two so I can’t say for sure but when it starts it’s guaranteed but still a lot of problems.

Teer Results Today 19/06/2024

Shillong Teer 

  • F/R: 86
  • S/R: 53


Today on this website I have given the house line of Shillong Teer and common number house ending of night teer all are calculated by me but there is no such thing as hundred percent green tea result if the calculation is done this article is given for educational purpose only.