Shillong Teer Hit Number Today 100% Sure

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Through today’s post I will share with you some system of Association of Shillong and today I will share with you Shillong teer hit number and house line.

What is Shillong Teer and How is It Played?

I am a very old player I have been playing this game for a long time and I have a lot of good experience in it I will share everything with you, how this game came and how to play and what is their system and how to profit I will share everything with you. Will share and if you can read this post well then you will know everything related to shillong teer.

A popular artsery base game of shillong teer where the result of shooting arrows is given and uploaded in live form and this game is very popular among people and it is a very fun game.

Basically this game is based in India and Shillong city where everyone knows and understand it well and it is spread well everywhere Bangladesh and India are most played and also in Bhutan.

What is The Result Time Of This Game?

This game has some rules and after every 14 days or 16 days their rules change little by little or you can say times change.

I am telling you in details first suppose your 14 days as per club chart your game lasts till 30 minutes then what happens after these four changes when considering sun and time they again after 14 days what will they reduce and increase the time.

Bangladeshi time now sees the game live at 04:40 PM and as per India time the fast round games are live at 03:45 PM and all through time like three 40 minutes PM.

What is The Most Fun System In This Game?

The most fun system of this game is if you enjoy this game then you can have a fun how do you take it if you can give result in one unit or for that matter on facebook you will see different people with its challenge and accept like this if you do too then you are much Have fun, and lots of people post about Shillong teer on Facebook all the time.

This is the most amazing game I have ever seen online. You can have unlimited fun with this game.

How Many Days a Week is This Game Played?

In seven days you have this game good for 6 days and one day they have their religious ceremony their game off or religious like muslims pray on friday and they have sunday for which this game is off.

And every month they have 24 days maximum and by mistake some time more than that but team that is monthly 24 days their game is on.

There are many systems that are very systems that follow the laws of the government or some religious laws and that day they are impressed and shut down the game, very awesome game and this game is the best system they mean everything and licensed thing.

I think if this game continues well then this game will entertain people all over the world one day and everyone will be fascinated by this game I believe but if it is considered badly and something else is thought of it then you should turn this game off. I think it will happen.

Does The Game Have Any Formula?

I don’t agree for this because it could be any system only the people who own this company know and I can give fifty percent idea that this game has formula and another 50% I can say that this game has no formula.

With my 50% belief I do some calculations inside it and some formula I get from here I can get good amount of rejects daily where much better I can have fun playing, if you also want to have fun then I have already posted many posts on my website which Only about Shillong teer formula you must visit those posts then you will understand how and what the formulas are.

I have posted my experience of 5 years on my website you will surely understand I have learned many things in five years I have shared them well on my website if you look carefully you will surely understand.

But let me say one thing I can’t say anything with 100% because it’s not my game it’s someone else’s game so I can’t tell you guys for sure that my formulas will work and what formulas are there in this game.

Please do it your way it will be best I have done it like mine if you want to do it like me you can definitely check out my formulas and calculations.