Shillong Teer Hit Number [Teer House Ending]

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Today Common Number
House Ending

House : 3/8
Ending : 8/3

What is Shillong Teer?

Shillong teer is a popular game car game located in Meghalaya India,This game is known as arrow counter this system is number from 1 to 100 from these numbers there will be a result which will be first round second round will be result from one any two numbers will result from number 100 this is the system and they will be 568 plus  The higher the number is, the hit number will be taken.

How we play game of shillong teer?

Is shillong teer game a licensed game and this game runs according to some rules like game doesn’t give results also this game runs according to formula also they have some formula calculation you have to follow them then you can’t be this loan otherwise you are likely to lose  So what will you do you will calculate and do the house ending then make more and less kites with the house ending then you will do then you will have more chances to get result 100%

For example, if you know the formula of housing, then what to do, enter House ending, then you will search Facebook or YouTube with the name of the house, then you will have some more ideas, then you have calculated the house ending,  according to your formula, you will find out the single number with that formula.

It will be very easy for you and the best thing is that you don’t have a problem that you will have confirmed results in those four to five days then you can do that with my house ending or I will repeat the hit number from those that I repeat any three or four times.  Even after doing that, I will visit those numbers, it can be seen that the chances of Result are very high.

What are the rules of playing teer game?

  1. The first rule you have to follow to play the game is that you have to stop over targeting or over calculating and stop other’s target then you can be successful like you don’t play with other targets according to your own formula you meet in the house and use your  Chances of getting results will be more.
  • 2. To start the game you must know a formula or two from which you calculate the house whichever house you are going to play then you play the number drawn in that house then you can win 99.9%.
  • 3. And you must note down the results of the riser that you are primarily water, then it will help you a lot to calculate your result, and you can make a lot of calculations from the previous result and make a formula and they have a club chart, you can use that club. 

That a good formula can’t sing and even from there the chances of getting results are high.