Shillong Teer Hit Number Result

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Even today I have missed the targets that I gave you on my website I have nothing to do, today I will try to give you Shillong Teer hit number result and it will have my favorite house line but now it is missing lately but today I hope 100% fix result will be.

I have always posted Shillong teer on my website and till date I have given many days of recharging 5 days a week and 6 days of recharge but the problem is now, since some time Shillong teer has turned their calculation formula upside down for which many big players are not getting results anymore.

What can be done, but I have changed the formula a little, you can see the targets below, I have given them for today, if you want, you can do whatever you want, but I will not tell.

House Line0|5|3|8

I have shared the above targets with you with great sadness because it is very painful when for four consecutive years I have been getting results daily with the same formula but 4-5 days are constantly being missed.

Remember one thing I am basically for my loss or profit I don’t give fake target like that I am playing shillong arrow for many years now and still am, I cheated many times but now I don’t play Shillong Teer game anymore , I’m only in it for fun nothing else.

I just wanted to say one last thing in my introduction that three games are not for one day, this is for a long time so none of you will regret missing out.

Shillong Teer Hit Number Today FR/SR

Shillong teer hit number today today i am bringing you a little different Shillong teer hit number hope the chances of result will be more, i have been sharing with you everyday with a house line continuously but this formula is missing for a long time i hope a little Improvised I will bring it back with you and share it today too see what happens.

Maybe those of you who are involved in my whatsapp also I am telling that my result is missing it is not my fault I am giving my previous thoughts but Shillong teer has changed everything.

In my web site I am posting daily Shillong teer common number, Shillong teer hit number especially i have four numbers i think like this i will share with you all the time but told you one thing if i always share everything with you and the formula won’t work.

If you have been in my old marriage you will surely understand that what I said to you now has to be seen with your own eyes and mine.

Shillong Teer VIP Hit Number WhatsApp

I hide daily on my website also by which I have VIP person who want to contact me my Whatsapp number will be given below whatsapp number those who are willing can contact me surely I will ask them to give result on single number +918653748690

I have given you WhatsApp number above and you can do something you can definitely message me and talk but don’t do anything wrong.

One thing must be remembered or you should remember it as a warning, do not disturb me by calling this number, only those who are willing and able to pay advance will message me.

I want to tell you one thing again that those who contact me on my WhatsApp don’t forget to dream that they will get results every day because I can’t give you results every day.

I may or Shillong Teer VIP common number which I give in WhatsApp 4 number every day as I give in the website there is a little difference I don’t get result every day but maybe 4 days in a week.

I want to tell you one thing maybe I am 99.9% picture where maybe my chance of missing result will be very less, the rest I don’t know and I never tell anyone with 100% sure because I don’t give result anymore and I don’t have any link up along Shillong Teer.


Today I have share Shillong Teer hit number house line also I have talked about Shillong teer for those who want to read also you can know a lot just by reading one post and if you have any complaints you must WhatsApp me you can contact the number or gmail.