Shillong Teer Hit Number House Ending

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Today Result 38,83,88,33
Point Fr4/9

Today I hope to give you Shillong Teer Hit Number House Ending the target of Shillong teer today my target will be 99.90% sure and you can get the result very easily you can get it any way you play and of course you have to play fast round second round then only chance will be more and if  If so, do more.

For some time I am not able to share target with you on my website I am a bit busy so I hope to give you Shillong teer hit number fc all together after a week tomorrow day.

I certainly hope that if I give you a target or a teer house ending or a teer hit number after a week, I hope the result will be four to five days, it will be my formula system result.

Also on my website whenever I give target and give you shillong teer hit number sometimes it shows teer hit number result.

What is Teer Hit Number Today?

You can see on the first page that I have given you the teer hit number and also the house ending, I hope the result will come from there but I think I will give you the target so don’t mind it and I am not so firsted on my website that I can give you the result quickly.

So I’m sorry that I’m a bit late to give you the results or targets shillong teer hit number or shillong teer house ending but hopefully I’ll try to give you the target well early very soon shillong teer hit number fc.

Hit number means I will give you many goodies from number 100 I will give you only one to two goodies today from which you must have a chance to get result first time and second round of course you will play if you have to take fast round 5 rounds you will play bis RS and  Second round you will play for Rs 40 and all your ricks.

I don’t tell you everything. Just if the target matches with you then play.

What is Shillong Teer House Ending?

Very simply I will tell you in one word what is house ending and what is its function I will tell you everything first I will tell you what is house ending ?

House ending is because today the first round result is 65 now 6 will be house and 5 will be ending.

Now where can I get house ending formula or how can I make teer hit number with house ending.

To make shillong teer house ending you have to do some hard work like you have to check shillong teer previous result also shillong teer postal chart and shillong teer official club chart.

I am telling you what you think is best you can definitely create formula from your shillong teer official club chart and shillong teer previous result and from there you can make formula and hit number.