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House : 0/5
Ending : 5/0

Hit : 20/02/25/52
Hit : 70/07/57/75

What is Shillong teer?

Shillong teer game is a popular game so I will share with you today Shillong teer hit number and Shillong teer house ending and how Shillong teer works what is Shillong teer thing I will try to tell you in detail you will take some time to read my blog…

Teer hit number today

I will say five shillong teer is a popular game and this game is archery long time where the result of shooting teer is given and every day the live score is given in front of people time to time at 3.4 pm one life after one hour the second round is live again so they are live for two rounds.  They upload online like youtube facebook and other sites where they post likes and know and translate is a site theirs and translate is a company where shillong teer serial if you check you can see they have started this game since long ago almost. They are in this game from 2009.

I will be in this game for three to four years I am in the counter I am well educated to come to it if you don’t know the calculation then you have no chance to win this game so if you want to win this game you need teer  You need to know the teer counter formula or you need to know teer counter calculation then you can win from this game no teer counter from this game you can win from any game if you know the formula.

One of the biggest web to win from shillong teer game is you create any kind of house ending formula then you have hit number you, You will have many benefits then you.

What is teer formula?

Arrow formula is something that will be useful for you in all cases like I mean if you open a company you need to have a formula like teer game if you join then you have to follow some rules except if you leave then you are there  In this game you can lose so you must need formula to win night now formula how you make formula if you make it you need to check their shillong teer previous result and check shillong teer chat then you will get their formula very easily their official formula  Available from shillong teer you can get good house ending formula very easily then you can check this is my secret way formula told you.

Teer Result

In my website I always post Shillong teer target if you want you can take my hit number house ending for free my reason is 100% in week 5 day house ending result.

It is played 6 days a week and I post the target on my website for these 6 days. If you want, you can take the target. My target often results.