Shillong Teer Hit Number 100 Sure

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Shillong Teer Hit Number___100% Fixed

House : 2/7
Ending : 7/2

Hit : 26/62/67/76
Hit : 24/42/47/74

Shillong Teer Target

Shillong Teer  is a big popular game this game started long ago and now another aspect to play the game like that is that it doesn’t give without calculation and to play this teer game you must know the teer formula if you don’t know you won’t be judged in the game  You can’t win, so your chances of losing are high

In this game you need to know the formula of determining the house ending if you want to hit number then you can make hit number.

Teer House Ending

On my website I always post house ending or hit numbers three to four days a week my single numbers result in hit numbers and house ending 4/5 days a week.

If you don’t know any formula then you are missing my target Then you can benefit by playing this game with my body this game is very old game and this game is located in Meghalaya India.