Shillong Teer Direct Number

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House0-1-5-6 S/R:
Direct Number10,15,60,65
Direct Number04,09,54,59

Night Teer Direct Number House Ending

Congratulations to everyone in advance, the targets that I will share with you today, I hope that I have confidence that you will be able to see the results. 

Also on my website I have shared the Shillong Teer Common Number House Line with you for two days and given the night Teer Common Number House Ending with the results, congratulations to all. 

Today I am sure today I have calculated best with you Shillong Teer house line you can play it if you want well and if you can make common number with house line it will be very good. 

About The Shillong Teer Game

Many people know about this game Shillong Teer but by telling those who are new to this article Shillong Teer game is a very popular gamer this game has impressed people in a great way people like Shillong Teer game so people play this game but in this game everyone can’t be successful.

This game is based in India and every day they give live results and different people see how they give their results, this game is very old as it was popular before and it is still growing in popularity day by day. 

facebook youtube more different platforms have this practice and many people can’t succeed from this game because they can’t calculate well or because they don’t have any strong formula. 

That’s why I have given some formulas on my website, if you want, you can see those formulas. I hope if you understand those formulas, then you can also calculate Shillong Teer common number house ending or house line which is my favorite. If you can make it from my formula then you can definitely calculate the common number.

To play Shillong Teer, you will have 100 numbers in front of you, you have to choose which one they can give or you can repeat many numbers if you want. Their game is divided into two, one is the first round, which will result from 100 numbers and one number will be the second round, round is the same system.

But if you can do one thing while making common numbers you can make 16 numbers with your two formulas then I think 2 rounds to one round you will have more chance of getting result and if you think you can recharge with only one number then  You may miss a lot of cases since many days it is the game inside the calculation.

I only take Shillong Teer game as entertainment you can take it as entertainment if you want, I won’t tell you to play Shillong Teer game and lose I will say if you like or want you can play them I am mine  I have given Shillong Teer common number house line on the website if you like it you play otherwise you skip it.

Shillong Teer Facebook 100% Sure?

If you have a facebook id maybe if you are a good Shillong Teer player and maybe you are ad in different groups you will see different people trying to show you that he is giving result everyday so that you give him advance these people don’t really give results. 

Their main work is to take a large amount of advance from you and then they may or may not block you or they may mislead you by giving you a wrong number, then after some time they will block you, they will not contact you anymore and you will not be able to contact them. 

One thing you can do is if you see the person who is giving result daily on his profile you stay like time every day and see if the result is clearing then I suggest you can get Shillong Teer common number from him.

There are almost 90% people on Facebook who are waiting to take an advance from you, if you don’t stay away from them, you stand to lose a lot. 

I didn’t say that 90% of people are like this, so you should be careful, you don’t know who you are. I think it’s better not to take these things on Facebook. You should learn calculation yourself. Otherwise, many people will make tutorials on YouTube and teach you. Watch them and make formulas and then calculate.  You can get ideas about these.