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House Line0-2-5-7
Common Number20,25,70,75

Today I have brought you a great article, in this article I will try to give you Shillong Teer Common Number House Line Result and with my best calculations.

On this website, I update Shillong Teer related articles every day and give you the targets every day but the problem is that sometimes some days ago the results were given every day but now for some time it can be seen that last week and this weeks the number of results has decreased a little bit. 

But don’t worry I will always try to bring you something new and try to always give you targets from my best calculations below for today I have shared with you the best targets. 

The targeted house line that I have given above, those who like it can make it Shillong Teer common number then you can play if you want and of course your risk because nothing can be said with guarantee. Can’t tell you with a guarantee because it can be missed at any time.

That’s why I will tell you today like every day you must not think of guarantee and if you hit so much you will lose I will not lose anything I share with you only for entertainment and education purpose.

“How To Play Shillong Teer”

Everything about Shillong Teer game goes by a rule and there is no problem because Shillong Teer game is licensed in india and for this you will get its updates only online and you can even offline many people in india are addicted to this game and this game people are very impressed.

This game is basically a very old game and the way their rules are recharged. As far as I know, most people can get more results. Those who can calculate previous results, there are many other types of systems. 

If you don’t know what is Shillong Teer house then i can tell you Shillong Teer house is because today result is 43 now house will be 4 and ending will be 3 that’s why share with you daily shillong teer house line so I can guarantee it but  Can’t give now because my formula has a little problem.

Also I can suggest you one thing very well when you do the calculation take time and try to make house line calculation or formula of Shillong Teer if you can make it well once you check the previous result and analyze everything then your result can be guaranteed. 

Basically the best for calculation will be Shillong Teer previous result from here you can analyze everything and if you have patience then you must take time well then calculate.

This Week Shillong Teer 2nd Round Result 

You may know that my first round result is not getting for some time, some kind of miss, but after some time after the result, I calculate again and bring you the target for the second round. I am sorry for not playing I will always want to give you the first round result.

Maybe it will be about 2 weeks where my second round result is showing everyday three days in a week max of course second round you know my first round result everyday but now second round I try to calculate but my first round calculation is correct not working so I am sharing with you second round calculation.

As you may know the calculations are not always equal and they have certain rules which they must follow which is why even though I made a formula today it is very difficult but when they change the system of results then my difficult Shillong Teer formula must change. Due to which my results are missed but after some time the results started again with the same formula. 

Again this happens to many people when you see the formula starts to miss then there is no more results just continuous misses and according to the formula that I have the results may be missed for up to two weeks but it will settle down. 

Shillong Teer House Ending 

From my experience of so many days I think one thing Shillong Teer house ending there is no strong formula with which you can get daily result first and second round I am trying to calculate for a long time and try to make a good formula house ending of Shillong Teer but not so good formula did not get which results can be taken daily 

Even if result is not daily, it should be 3 to 4 days in a week, but it is not right, maybe today is SR, tomorrow will be FR, but I don’t like such system, that’s why I don’t pay much attention to Shillong Teer house ending, I only do Shillong Teer house the calculation.

But I know a way to calculate house ending which you can use if you want and basically you can say 90% chance of result you will calculate from Shillong Teer club chart then you can definitely do Shillong Teer house ending formula I will try it myself did and i got Shillong Teer formula but my formula was not that good but almost results.

If you don’t know about Shillong Teer club chart then I have given a link of an article in this paragraph you can visit if you want and I have told everything about it so you can get knowledge.

Best Way To Make Shillong Teer Common Number

I have given many results and got myself only with Shillong Teer house line formula this formula works great and almost to the point of guarantee result I always make Shillong Teer common number long in advance I calculate with house line and then target with you.

You can get result of Shillong Teer common number when you have strong good formula and also you will think problem to yourself whether today’s result will happen, you will not take the house line formula that you have and leave it, you will do other type of calculation which because of this, your result will remain the same.

That’s why you first try to make a strong formula of Shillong Teer house line then you can definitely get the result you will automatically understand everything how they are giving results and today how you can match the result also today I have given the house line and you can do the calculation by yourself. Try it and hopefully if your making is right it will give results. 

I always find one thing simple like making house line of chilanti is easy and common number calculation with Shillong Teer house line is also very easy you can try once if you want you may find it difficult at first but for me very easy.


Today I have given article about Shillong Teer and various things about Shillong Teer I have given some ideas from internet and my own experience which will be good for you, today I have given Shillong Teer target but no one will think guarantee this article is only made by me for education purpose. This game is only for taking entertainment and fascinated people.

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