Shillong Teer Common Number Weekly Booking

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Today I will give you the sure number for Shillong Teer, night teer, Shillong morning teer and Khanapara teer specially for you I have calculated the common number. 

Today Shillong Teer House Line

House Line4-2-9-7

Hope you can see one round result but I have calculated Shillong Teer target a little differently specially because I have daily results for Shillong Teer and I have strong calculation. 

But I will only update Shillong Teer house line with you but I will not update Shillong Teer common number so on my website I will not give but on my WhatsApp I will give you by making I have given the number if you want you can contact me.

I can sure say that today I will give Shillong Teer common number on my WhatsApp and you can see the result from the house line that I have updated, of course this is my confidence and my experience.

Yesterday I could not give you the first round result but the second round recharge was successful. Those of you who are making good money by making 16 guti per day must have been successful as I said.

Today Night Teer Common Number H/E


Before I didn’t like night teer but now I like it more than before because now I have been doing good calculations with night teer for some time now and my calculations have been big successful. 

There is no reason to worry, in a few days I will bring you the strong formula of night teer. I will share with you one of my best formulas. I hope within a few days, I hope that with this formula I can make common numbers like how I can make common numbers of night teer. 

Because I do calculations and my formulas are very effective because when an experienced person calculates and when he thinks it is Strong night teer formula or Shillong Teer formula then surely whether it is Shillong teer or night teer it will best strong formula and using this calculation you can definitely profit.

If you like today’s target then you can play and if you don’t like then you can avoid but I can assure you but I can’t give 100% guarantee that result will be today

Today Morning Teer Common Number H/E


Today I have shared the common number house ending of the morning, I hope the result will be like my daily Shillong Teer target result is also my favorite game Shillong morning teer I can say with 99.9% sure if you make today with my common number and my house ending then the result will be can.

I am basically using the same formula that I use for Shillong Teer, I calculate the morning and the formulas work but in a few days I will try to make the formula for them. If I get it, I will share my best formulas for you. 


The targets shared for you today are Shillong arrow, Shillong morning arrow and night arrow, all are my calculations and the reason for giving this article is for educational purpose, if anyone has any problem with this article, please contact me.