Shillong Teer VIP Common Number FR SR

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RoundOnly SR
House Line4/9/3/8
VIP GUTI40,45,49

Teer Common Number has been calculated very well then today i will share with you also today I will share best Shillong Teer house line with you. 

Welcome to my website and previous result i have given big success yesterday also i will try to give today also today my article will contain Shillong Teer Common Number House Line from which i have calculated very nicely and properly and brought my best target for you.

Today only opened Shillong Teer VIP Common Number house line if you like the house lines and in my opinion they can be recharged so you can calculate if you want and make your choice and play it all depends on you but i can’t give you guarantee. 

Shillong Teer is a popular archery based game this game is mostly played by Indian people and Bangladeshi people but it is licensed but it is not licensed in Bangladesh and in one word i can say that this game has fascinated people since many years so this game is still the same.  The game has become popular and has spread to different places, most of the villages play this game.

Shillong Teer Best House Line Calculation Today

For 3/4 days the house line result of Shillong teer is not getting properly, that is why i have calculated very well with you today. I hope the house line of Shillong Teer will get the result but i can’t say with 100% guarantee or sure. 

Earlier results used to be daily but not for some time because when the same formula is posted again and again on the same website then those who have Shillong Teer Academy find that it is getting more results then they can change the formula i think. 

It may not be about the website but there are many people who take the target from me and they update the Facebook groups and there are many big groups and that is the problem. 

When this formula starts to miss after a few days then it feels very bad now for this i am trying to come up with a new formula with you but the problem is that after some time it may not work either so be careful and don’t forget someone.  Don’t share my targets then you might not get profit.

Shillong Teer New Formula For Common Number 

I have made a great formula if my house line result is bound to be single number result i have made a formula very well i have researched and the calculation is very strong hope the result can be but there is no handet percentage guarantee.

But i will not share it with you because you know if i share it there are many people who will hit and share it in different places then my result may not be or miss it so only i will be given this number on WhatsApp only those who join will get it.  You will have to pay a fee of 1000 for this. 

If you like you can join please don’t disturb me by messaging me if you join i will try to profit you maybe you have lost a lot of things in many places you can give me a try but i can give it is mine confidence. 

By the calculation or formula that i have mentioned only, there will be 4 numbers which are likely to result maximum four days in a week if you have any good formula then you can make and play with my house line and if not then you can WhatsApp me you can contact the number.

Which Round of Shillong Teer is Better To Play?

Shillong Teer it is best if you can play second round Shillong Teer game, because if you are good at calculation suppose first round result is missed then you can play second round because you know chances of missing your calculation are less.

Where Can I Get Shillong Teer VIP Common Number?

I always update Shillong Teer house line on my website also on my WhatsApp i give daily vip common number of shillong which if not daily result then 4/5 days in a week result first round WhatsApp +918653748690

How To Do Shillong Teer Calculation?

If you calculate from Shillong Teer official club chart then you can get good strong formula this is my secret which not many people know.