Shillong Teer Booking

Today Ii will share with you Shillong teer booking hit number and house line, 4 guti only F/R: fix result 100% i am posting daily on my website and daily success in single number on my website, my result will be fix result weekly 4 days in single number, Shillong teer is a popular archery based teer counter. Game where results are given by throwing the teer.

If you are my old visitor or subscriber, then you must understand that the targets that I share with you are getting results every day, but due to some problems, I can’t share anything with you. House line in can see they are today’s target.

{Shillong Teer House Line Common Number Today}

Hit House3/8
Hit Ending4/9

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Shillong Teer Hit Number Daliy Update

Daily you will get shillong teer target through this post of mine and every day I will update if you want you can visit my post or my website and you can get my amazing target from where if you are making my house ending or house u then  I can guarantee you that you will have a very high chance of getting results every day.

Also if you don’t want to come to my website every day then visit my website and see all my posts if you understand English then you search or recharge Shillong teer formula or Shillong teer house ending formula Shillong teer house formula you search by typing these then you get  Go to my formula and you can do everything yourself.

The targets that I have are going to be updated day by day because I do research on everything, so the targets or calculations that I have are going to be more stock and now the results are daily, I don’t miss a day. You can take my daily.  From where I can guarantee you daily results.

Shillong Teer Common Number House Line System

Shillong teer common number house line on my website I give four house lines daily and single four and sometimes I share house ending chart with you where if my account matches then only chats with you are from me and from four  Every day is result and I share the house designs I wanted on my website never miss a day and never miss a day then second round.

I am telling you in detail that many Shillong teer formula have already been given on my website. If you want, you can visit them and calculate the formula. Also, you can get some updates on my website, where I daily list Chili house land and Shillong teer single number or you can say Shillong teer on my website.  I am sharing the hit numbers for your convenience and they have a high chance of being digital.

Today I will share with you Shillong teer target along with Shillong teer best house ending Formula which I will share with you along with formula you can get daily result with this formula I can give you any one round or second round 2 round one  round, fas round or second round i mean i can guarantee you fr/sr result

Because I am in this shillong teer game from today four years and I know this formula very well and I have been calculating for a long time and the calculation I have is from shillong teer result I have made the formula and its formula is working every day.

Shillong Teer House Ending Formula 

Previous Result —-√

Date: 15.02.2024

F/R: ×× 🎯

S/R: xx 🎯

  • Shooting Time F/R – 3:45 PM
  • S/R – 4:45 PM

Calculation Start….

This House Ending Formula 100% Fixed Daliy Result 

The formula that I have shared with you, you should research this formula well at home and with this formula you should calculate the previous results well, you must calculate well otherwise you will not understand this formula and this formula is very  If you pay attention carefully then you will understand how I have given this formula and from this formula but daily results and with this formula Shillong Night teer also results very easily and in all the ceiling or such counters you can use this same formula.  You can get results.

I have shared many formulas on this website and there are some other formulas which I share on my website. Totally on my two websites I share daily. Also I have YouTube channel. On YouTube channel I will try to post my formulas and targets daily.  Besides, I have Facebook if you want to know about my water, I have given many targets to people and I have many reviews on my Facebook. You can see them if you want.

Shillong Teer Calculation Today

First of all, I want to tell you one thing, there are many formulas that show results after a day or a week, but not mine.

The formula that I have or you can say all my formulas are daily results I don’t use such formulas that after a day or a week results no more results you won’t find with me the formulas that are given on my website are for life time  Results and works very strongly every day and with this formula I have earned a lot of money by playing Shillong teer games online.

What you are thinking is how I made my formula I made this formula by calculating from Shillong arrow previous results I made this formula you see the formula carefully and you match with the previous results then you play it yourself this is only for you here I encourage you  It’s only up to you to play the game.

Today Shillong Teer Hit House Ending 

Today only I have given you the challenging house innings where you must see today’s result from the previous result only for today I have given you which read through my best target.

Also my website will have Shillong teer target update every day never miss any time you visit my website by date and you will get my target also I have another website where you can check your target very easily that website name is

Shillong Night Teer Target

The night target that you can see now is not just me to confuse you and it is only one day target you see how it results I want to prove that the formula that I have or helped Shillong night teer also results and  shillong teer results, also the formula i have is sure every day 4 to 5 days in a week easy result first round and second round and i can guarantee 5 days a week you can take this formula daily and lifetime

Also on my website I have posted different types of formulas in which I have explained in detail how my formula is rejected and how you can calculate the formula.  There is another website which I have mentioned above by that name know and visit my website and you will understand my formulas in detail.

Let’s say one more thing Shillong Night teer is not an official game it is a proprietary game of Bangladesh where there is no license and Shillong teer is a game where it is licensed and trusted and this game is based on formula and this game calculates and then results

Apart from that, the night teer that I told you about is not so trusted, but even then, I know it is a calculation, but sometimes when you hit it like the Shillong arrow, it results in the number but does not give the net.