Shillong Teer Association Hit Number

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Shillong Teer Counter

House : 1/6
Ending : 6/1

Hit : 13/31/18/81
Hit : 36/63/68/86

Teer Counter Hit Number

Shillong teer Many popular archery base game calculations are given to without calculations as they are a rule.

To check teer hit number in this game you need to know shillong teer previous result then you can be able to check teer hit number.

Shillong Teer Rules

Another rule of playing this game is that if you know the house ending formula then you can teer hit number times You need to learn the house ending formula first then you will be able to mix and match very easily.

Teer Hit Number

Shillong teer game is a very simple game if you think this game is very difficult then the game will be more difficult for you if you think so easy then you can match and through this teer game calculation you can check the teer previous result if you want then you can know the rules of the game and their.

Check the teer club chart you will know their formula and you will be able to give results very easily and you will win.

Making Teer Hit Number

Suppose in your formula house ending is three to four days in a week or 5 days if you do 32 meetings then you can do 8 making and the chances of getting results are very high.

Also on this website I am constantly posting my target by my teer target your 20th house ending will have both house number one will result 3 to 4 days in a week and house ending will be 5 days in a weekly 100%.

Shillong Teer Hit Number Fc

Shillong teer game is a licensed game this game is called teer counter and its name is located in Shillong teer in India, It is located in a place called shillong teer which is connected to Meghalaya,I post hit number house ending my post 100% teer my teer previous result.